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TABLEWAR Charities regularly attends Gaming Events. We educate about Autism Advocacy and do Fundraising. Come visit us at these upcoming events (Click on the Blue event title to see the full details):

Upcoming events

    • 26 Mar 2020
    • 1 May 2020
    • Chicago, IL


    UPDATE - with Adepticon cancelled due to the COVID-19 Virus, our plans are changing. We still plan to hold a raffle. Our fundraising expectations, of course, will be lower. Details updated below .

    TABLEWAR Charities will be attending the 2020 Adepticon in Chicago to support TABLEWAR Autism Advocacy. We will be holding a charity raffle.

    Charity Raffle!

    1 ticket for $3, 4 tickets for $10, or 10 tickets for $20 (ability to mark your preference for prize)

    Raffle drawing will the earlier of 1) 7 days after we achieve $5,000 in total tickets sales, OR 2) May 1st, 2020. 

    Each prize will have a separate drawing (select which prize you want at time of ticket purchase). We plan to live-stream the drawing (we will post in Facebook and here for the expected time of the drawing). 

    TABLEWAR Charities will cover the first $30 of shipping costs to each winner with the receipent responsible for any additional costs.

    Raffle Prizes!

    • Warcry Bundle (547 tickets sold as of 4/5) - Two fully painted and based (with trays) Warcry Bands with cards, one TABLEWAR Mini Case, & one 30x22” Lava + Tundra TABLEWAR FAT Mat

    - Splinterd Fang warband painted by James & Cathy Wappel

    - Corvus Cabal warband painted by Caleb & Kat from CK Studios


    • Gotrek Gurnisson (92 tickets sold as of 4/5)- Fully painted individual AOS character model

    - Painted by Matt DiPietro

    • Aeronautica Imperials Bundle (207 tickets sold as of 4/5) - Fully painted Aeronautica Imperials starter box, one TABLEWAR Mini Case, & one 3x3 Aeronautical 2” Hex TABLEWAR FAT Mat

    - Painted by Del Ilaban

    • Battlefield in a Box (369 tickets sold as of 4/5) - Fully painted “Imperials” style unique 3D Printed Terrain (stackable) + 6x4 ‘Blasted Bunkers' TABLEWAR FAT Mat (if we sell more than 1,000 tickets, we will ad the 'Blasted Airfield' FAT Mat too!)

    - Designed, printed, & painted by Amory Huliheenamaka’okalini Burgess 

    • 12 Jun 2020
    • 14 Jun 2020
    • Austin, TX

    TABLEWAR Charities will be attending the 2020 BoLS Open in Austin, TX. Autism Advocacy education, fund raising , and charity raffles will occur at the event.

    Chrity Raffle:

    Smash Captain Raffle

    1 ticket for $2, 6 tickets for $10, or 15 tickets for $20

    6 different Smash Captains fully painted by our charity artists

    Raffle winners will be able to select their preferred faction in order of ticket selection (you may provide your preferred model in advance to aide in the speed of raffle results); a single person can only win one prize

    The Raffle Selection will occur during the award ceremony (on Sunday, June 14th)


    • Imperial Fists by Dave Gormley
    • Blood Angels by Colin Ward
    • Iron Hands by James Stagg
    • Ultramarines by Ben Dake 
    • Ravengaurd by Richard Peevy
    • Salamanders by John Traupman

    Blood Angels Captain completed 3-18-20:

    Ravengaurd Captan completed 3-1-20:

    First three Captains completed 2-18-20:

    • 29 Aug 2020
    • 30 Aug 2020
    • Sacramento, CA

    40K & AOS GT’s

    plus Charity Raffle to benefit Autism Advocacy

    Event link

    • 3 Sep 2020
    • 6 Sep 2020
    • Washington DC

    TABLEWAR Charities will be attending the 2020 Nova Open in Washington DC. More details to follow about opportunities to support TABLEWAR Autism Advocacy

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