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  • 26 Mar 2020
  • 29 Mar 2020
  • Chicago, IL


TABLEWAR Charities will be attending the 2020 Adepticon in Chicago to support TABLEWAR Autism Advocacy. We will be holding a charity raffle.

Charity Raffle!

1 ticket for $3, 4 tickets for $10, or 10 tickets for $20 (ability to mark your preference for prize)

Raffle drawing will be held Saturday night at Adepticon

Winners, in order of being chosen, may choose their prize from the prizes available

Product can be picked up on Sunday at Adepticon or shipped (at winner’s expense)

Raffle Prizes!

  • Warcry Bundle - Two fully pained and based (with trays) Warcry Bands with cards, one TABLEWAR Mini Case, & one 30x22” Lava + Tundra TABLEWAR FAT Mat

- Splinterd Fang warband painted by James & Cathy Wappel

- Corvus Cabal warband painted by Caleb & Kat from CK Studios

  • Gotrek Gurnisson - Fully painted individual AOS character model
- Painted by Matt DiPietro
  • Aeronautica Imperials Bundle - Fully painted Aeronautica Imperials starter box, one TABLEWAR Mini Case, & one 3x3 Aeronautical 2” Hex TABLEWAR FAT Mat
- Painted by Del Ilaban 
  • Battlefield in a Box - Fully painted “Imperials” style unique 3D Printed Terrain (stackable) + 6x4 ‘Blasted Airfield’ TABLEWAR FAT Mat
- Designed, printed, & painted by Amory Huliheenamaka’okalini Burgess 
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